The Passing of Dr Essop Pahad

   It is with sadness that we note the peaceful passing of Dr Essop Pahad, the husband of the Chairperson of our Board of Directors, Ms Meg Pahad, and a former Minister in the Presidency during the time former President Thabo Mbeke was the President of South Africa.  Dr Pahad passed on in the early hours of Thursday, 6 July 2023. For a number of years, as most of Project Literacy’s Directors reside in Johannesburg, we have held our quarterly board meetings at the home of Dr and Ms Pahad.  During this time, we have come to know Dr Pahad well.  Over many years he has been a patriot of our cause, and in many ways supported our work by approaching his network for Project Literacy’s benefit as well as by attending many of our functions.   We will miss his support and his friendliness to us, and we send our sincere sympathy to his wife, Meg, who nursed him at home during his recent illness as well as to all members of his family.